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betta fish genetics

Introduction to betta fish colors and their genetics

You should be interested to know what colors exist in the bettas today. Looking at the image above, we realize that each photo has a different betta. What you’ll learn in this article: The colors in bettas Basic concepts about the origin of colors in bettas Genes and the final aspect of chromatophores The theoretical model of color layers in bettas What is phenotype and genotype Some numbers regarding phenotypes and genotypes The selection of… Read More »Introduction to betta fish colors and their genetics

Blue betta fish: characteristics and genetics for the better selection of matrices

Did you know that there are nuances in the color tone of bettas? That is, blue bettas are different from each other. Red bettas the same way. That is, if you look in detail, you will see that each betta is a betta, even being of the same litter. Fins can be different, color shades, and so on. What you’ll learn: • Blue bettas genotypes and their characteristics for selective breeding • Metallic bettas •… Read More »Blue betta fish: characteristics and genetics for the better selection of matrices

Bettas selective breeding: an overview

What is selective breeding? Selective breeding is a technique used for the development of a new variety, resulting from a breeding program. Interesting to note is the concept of creation: “creation is the applied science of genetics; that is, a fish farmer (aquarist, in our cases) who conducts a selective breeding program is a breeder”. Figure 1 presents an example of an evolution graph, specifically from the wild wolf to the dogs through selective breeding.… Read More »Bettas selective breeding: an overview

Betta lineages classification

Introduction to lineage bettas

Introduction to lineage bettas You may have heard about the types of bloodline bettas, or what bloodlines are in bettas, if not what lineages of bettas are. Surely you are a betta breeder. Consider that the handling of bettas is always the same with regard to the results of the bettas in terms of their aesthetic beauty. In this article we will introduce you to bloodline bettas.   What are bloodline bettas? Bloodline bettas are… Read More »Introduction to lineage bettas

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