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The selection of matrices as the trump for bettas with Superior Genetics

Use a methodology for the selective breeding with your bettas!

The secrets of betta genetics: understand and apply to your greenhouse!

Imagine the following situation: you are a breeder and you have selected a randomly cast breeding couple, not sure what is to come in terms of the aesthetic beauty of the litter. This couple generated 80 adult specimens after 6 months of daily care, for example. I ask you the question: will there be bettas with the expected aesthetic beauty? Possibly not, with rare exceptions.

A great desire among betta breeders is to obtain higher quality specimens. The quality is attributed to its degree of aggressiveness and aesthetic beauty.

This course focuses on the aesthetic beauty of bettas, specifically colors, color arrangements and betta shapes.

Apply genetic knowledge in your betta greenhouse!

You’ll be able to anticipate the traits that may appear in your litters, including calculating their probability of occurrence.

The study of betta genetics allows the breeder the most effective control over their future generations. Through its application, you will be able to direct your betta creation to the desired path.

Set a goal, select matrices and lead the fry to adulthood!

Target Audience

Breeders and enthusiasts of bettas

Why take this course?

The course presents information for the application of genetics in your betta breeding, introduces unprecedented genetic models for reds and non-reds, and proposes changes in established models.

Learn how to design bettas! Guide your creation on the path of matrix selection to achieve your goal! Exclusive module dedicated to this subject.

You will apply selective breeding in order to obtain bettas with superior genetics.
The course was developed by our team for 3 years. As a result, it became didactic and easy to understand. If you have any doubts, just replay the video and refer to your studybook notes. It has a totally practical application, in the day to day with your bettas.

What is the origin of the course?

The course has its origins in the more than 50 years of management and study of betta genetics by Vitor Calil Chevitarese, a Brazilian businessman and engineer who is still dedicated to the hobby today.


  • 5.5 hours of video lessons
  • Workbook to be filled in during the study of video lessons;
  • Don’t let luck guide you in breeding bettas anymore;
  • Updated course, didactic and with practical application;
  • 70+ features involved with the betta’s aesthetic beauty;
  • 99+ genotypes that define these traits;
  • Learn to design bettas;
  • Mobility: access whenever, wherever and however you want
  • Pay by different payment methods
  • 7 days warranty
  • Access for 1 year


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to

  • Determine what visual traits or characteristics your specimens (and matrices) have;
  • Launch test-crosses to validate hypotheses regarding genotypes;
  • Determine which genotypes are present in the betta under study;
  • The art of betta design: definition of matrices and genotypes necessary to achieve the desired betta;


The reality

  • With the price of the course you buy some bettas.
  • With the course you design a multitude of them!

5,5 hours of video classes

Module 1: Basic concepts on Genetics

Module 2: The iridescent color layer

Module 3: The black color layer

Module 4: The red and yellow color layers

Module 5: Bettas fins

Module 6: Masks in Bettas

Module 7: The Giant Bettas

Module 8: A methodology for assembling a new line of bettas


Digital Workbook with 100+ pages to be printed and filled in during the study of video lessons;

Price: US$ 97.00

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