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The current mix of concepts and a practical proposal for judging bettas


Each exhibition specialized in Bettas has its own judgment criteria, mixing concepts, such as the format of the Betta, colors and their distribution in the phenotype.

This is a complicating factor. As a result, the breeders do not know how to use their Betta for an exhibition in order to select from their squad the best matrix with a view to some title.

In addition, categories are created in which the same set should be judged; as an example, categories are created for “black dragon”, “red dragon” etc. that should be judged together within the single category called “multicolored dragon arrangement”.

This work exactly provides auxiliary tools, aiming to facilitate the lives of both the judges and the exhibitors to understand the results of the evaluations, since the main function of a specialized Bettas exhibition is to enable the exhibitor a result of the evaluation of its matrix: its points sources and weak.

We propose here a way to approach the analysis of Betta fish with two very different purposes:
a) serve as a basis for a document to be applied in the judgments in specialized Bettas exhibitions;
b) assisting breeders when purchasing new matrices, as to their quality.

Know, understand, question and disclose. The hobby would only win!

How to choose Betta matrices: a brief introduction on their phenotypes or visual characteristics

Defines classes and exemplifies criteria for bettas judgment. [33min55seg]

How to judge a betta fish in your greenhouse or exhibition: a new proposal

It aims to assist creators and judges of specialized exhibitions in Bettas to identify and quantify the evaluation of the distribution of colors and formats. [38min51s].

Download the Betta fish judgement form [PDF, 459 kB]

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