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Introduction to lineage bettas

Introduction to lineage bettas

You may have heard about the types of bloodline bettas, or what bloodlines are in bettas, if not what lineages of bettas are.

Surely you are a betta breeder. Consider that the handling of bettas is always the same with regard to the results of the bettas in terms of their aesthetic beauty.

In this article we will introduce you to bloodline bettas.


What are bloodline bettas?

Bloodline bettas are those specimens whose aesthetic beauty (in our study and focus here at the Betta Project) is replicable, showing significant replication of the visual traits of the parents in the litter.


How are betta lineages classified?

The classification of bettas according to their aesthetic beauty related to colors and distribution of these colors occurs as follows:

There are three main categories: solid, bicolor and multicolored. Within the multicolors are currently 9 strains named as special multicolored. They are examples of great aesthetic beauty, replicable, which must obey internationally established standards. Within the solids and bicolors there are also lineages. Know that there are also special multicolored strains that are characterized by two colors (bicolors). It may seem confusing, but you’ll see that it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

Download our free ebook on the Classification and Technical Details of Betta Matrices for Colors and Color Distribution.

Common multicolored and unstable multicolored bettas are not bloodlines; are not replicable and/or change their colors randomly throughout their lives. Watch this video about unstable multicolored bettas.


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