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About Betta Project


Vitor Calil Chevitarese, Brazilian, businessman and engineer, started working with Betta in 1965. In 1978, he started to study betta genetics. In these more than 50 years dealing with bettas, he analyzed and studied the gaps in the theme and started to develop the strategy presented here as the work front for this project.

Guilherme Fenselau David, Brazilian, engineer and entrepreneur, started in fishkeeping in 1992. When he started handling bettas, he realized through literature that there was an infinity of colors and shapes in this magnificent animal. With skills in digital marketing and graphic softwares, he strives to disseminate internal know-how in the betta world.

Betta Project: the beginning

We started this journey in 2010. We met through forums about bettas, and from there we took the lead to materialize this project that, without a doubt, adds to fishkeeping.

Betta Project: goals

Betta Project aims to rescue concepts and apply them with bettas, promoting and disseminating the concepts involved in obtaining bettas with Superior Genetics.

It aims to promote integration and communication between betta breeders, disseminate knowledge about betta genetics, standardize Bettas judgments and aggregate in the organization of specialized Bettas exhibitions.

We are sure that our contribution can result in bettas of greater Genetic Quality, popularizing this culture and philosophy through our work fronts to those who are interested in this ornamental fish.

Betta Project Team

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