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Betta fish management: care and breeding

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This page is divided into two sections: basic management of bettas and reproductive management of bettas.

Basic bettas management


The basic management (or betta care) deals precisely with the techniques and routines that must be carried out for the maintenance of the matrices and fry: disease control, physical-chemical parameters of the water, food and everything related to the animal's life.

Live foods bring incredible results in betta breeding. That is, small living or previously frozen organisms, when offered to bettas, offer a very rich and protein diet (protein is essential for their growth and development). And it also activates the predatory action and temperament of the betta, essential for the life of any fish.

There is a comprehensive literature on basic management. On the web there are many sites with forums and guidelines for treating pathologies in bettas (and other species). Even on social networks (groups formed by aquarists) you can get more information.

Some references

TFH Magazine

Manual of Fish Health

Also look in bookstores. There is a lot of references worldwide.


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Reproductive bettas management


The reproductive management (or betta breeding) corresponds to the methods used for the matrices to reproduce, generate litters and they reach adulthood. Without the correct management by the breeder, the chances of success are drastically reduced: loss of breeding stock (aggressive cut), absence of spawning and loss of fry, for not knowing how to promote their growth to adulthood.

We provide articles on the reproductive management of bettas below. Check there!

Articles about bettas breeding

(articles comming soon!)

dimensionamento de estufas para criação seletiva de bettas

Design of greenhouses for selective breeding of bettas

This article teaches everyone how to design an indoor greenhouse for the selective breeding of bettas. From your breeding stock, define the number of aquariums and the management between them for the entire litter and breeding stock over the generations.




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