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Betta fish colors examples

betta azul aço

Steel Blue Betta

betta lavender salamander

Lavender Salamander Betta

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betta azul royal

Azul Royal Betta

betta azul celeste

Sky Blue Betta

betta chocolate

Chocolate Betta

betta black dragon

Black Dragon Betta

betta black lace

Black Lace Betta

betta black orchid

Black Orchid Betta

and so many others ... See here the diversity of possibilities (colors, arrangement of colors and formats).

The choice of your matrices to generate new specimens depends on your objective: just keep them, just reproduce them or study their genetics, reproduce them through selective breeding and compete in specialized betta exhibitions, and market them aiming for extra or even main income.

The experience with bettas can be divided into 5 stages: basic management, reproductive management, study of their genetics, judgment of matrices and specialized exhibitions.

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Basic bettas management deals precisely with the techniques, or routines, that must be performed to maintain the domesticated specimen: disease control, physical-chemical parameters of water, food and everything related to the animal's life. Want more information on basic management? Check out our articles about basic bettas management.

The reproductive management corresponds to the points to be observed and how to act for the specimens to reproduce. Without the correct management by the breeder, the chances of success are drastically reduced: loss of breeding stock (aggressive cut), absence of spawning and loss of fry, for not knowing how to promote their growth to adulthood. Want more information on reproductive management? Check out our articles on the subject.

The study of betta genetics, essential for obtaining specimens with higher genetic quality, results in higher success rates when two matrices reproduce: it allows predicting, through Punnett Tables (Reginald Punnett, 1900s), the probabilities of occurrence of each visual characteristic (corres, arrangement of colors and formats; each phenotype is understood) inherited from the matrices. From this information, selective breeding is applied, which essentially consists of human action aiming at different results from those generated in nature, each one in its natural habitat or geographic region. Want more information on betta genetics? Check out our betta genetics articles and our Course on Betta Genetics.

The judgment of bettas is necessary for the purposes of exchange between breeders or selection of breeding stock (selective breeding) with the desired qualities. The bettas judgment therefore consists of evaluating the specimens in terms of colors, color arrangement and formats - the focus of this project. There are other characteristics that can be judged, such as the degree of aggressiveness of each specimen. In this sense, note that males must be more aggressive than females for betta reproduction to occur. Want to know more about bettas judgment? Discover our proposals to learn how to judge a betta about aesthetic beauty.

Specialized betta exhibitions are the culmination of the breeding process, as they subject breeding stock to standardized judgments, promoting healthy competition among betta breeders, rewarding those fish of greater stable aesthetic beauty, and here the concept of lineage betta.

Betta Project - A DNA Experience

Who we are, work fronts and long-term vision

This project aims to teach the hobbyist, even if a beginner, all the steps so that he can go through and interact in all stages of the bettas creation process.

Understanding the interrelationship of genes, genotypes, traits and their effect on the phenotype, specifically those that act on the aesthetic beauty of the betta, is essential in the creation of this magnificent fish when the genetic improvement of the matrices and brood is desired.

Our aim is to teach and promote the Betta philosophy with Superior Genetics.

Vitor Calil Chevitarese, Brazilian, engineer and betta breeder since 1965 is a scholar of betta genetics. Studies, observation and notes created significant know-how when it comes to betta.

Guilherme Fenselau David, Brazilian, engineer and aquarist since 1992 also supports the project.

Our vision is to delight breeders with the philosophy of selective betta breeding.

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