The basic bettas management deals precisely with the techniques, or routines, that must be performed to maintain the domesticated specimen: disease control, physical-chemical parameters of water, food and everything related to the animal’s life.

Micro worms culture: preparation and care

Micro worms culture: preparation and care See how simple and feasible it is to maintain the culture of micro worms, a very interesting and proper food for the first days...

The reproductive management corresponds to the points to be observed and how to act for the specimens to reproduce. Without the correct management by the breeder, the chances of success are drastically reduced: loss of breeding stock (aggressive cut), absence of spawning and loss of fry, for not knowing how to promote their growth to adulthood.

Design of betta greenhouses for selective breeding

Dimensioning ornamental fish greenhouses, especially for bettas, requires medium and long-term planning and vision. This is because the number of fish tends to increase a lot, considering the number of...

The study of betta genetics, essential for obtaining specimens with higher genetic quality, results in higher success rates when two matrices reproduce: it allows predicting, through Punnett Framework (Reginald Punnett, 1900s), the probabilities of occurrence of each visual characteristic (colors, arrangement of colors and shapes) inherited from the matrices.

Lineage bettas: concepts and features

What is a lineage betta? We understand that the central concept of lineage betta corresponds to: "Lineage betta is that specimen that transmits a set of visual characteristics (colors, arrangement...

Blood red color in Bettas: a new pigment

Gaps in the genetic modeling of non-reds The globally accepted model for red pigmentation in Bettas is ineffective to explain the issue that we will deal with here: the blood...

Bettas judgment techniques are used in the evaluation of the specimens in terms of colors, color arrangement and formats, aiming at the selection of bettas for specialized exhibitions or exchange / sale of matrices.


Specialized betta exhibitions are the culmination of the breeding process, since they subject breeding stock to standardized judgments, promoting healthy competition between betta breeders, rewarding those fish with the greatest stable aesthetic beauty.