Course on Betta Fish Genetics

Betta fish strains: colors and formats

Why study the betta fish genetics?

Distribution of colors, formats and the colors themselves: the problem of its occurrences

This course is designed for enthusiasts and betta breeders. Betta is a fish widely kept in aquariums or jars, it has several basic colors, infinite shades of colors and distribution of these, in addition to varied formats, which makes different specimens of different litters.

In general, the breeders of Betta, when they put a couple to reproduce, have a great desire to obtain quality litters, that is, with colors, shades, color distribution and formats that are visually attractive and that are repeated in more copies. These colors must be preserved visually throughout the life of the betta, without degeneration - which presupposes its use as a matrix (for reproduction of new descendants).

Betta fish traits: learn how to design your Betta

The origin of the term PROJECT A FISH BETTA is precisely the breeder's ability to select matrices aiming at the creation of new color patterns, color distribution and also their formats to develop a new lineage or repeat an existing pattern. Predict the probability of each genetic trait occurring in the litter, based on the knowledge of their matrices and their genes involved in the physical characteristics (colors and shapes) of the Betta fish.

Who is Vitor Calil Chevitarese?

A brief biography about me on the aquarium world: the fish keeping and breeding with Bettas!

My story with the Bettas started in the same way as that of many people: I won one, died, acquired another, survived, and then I tried to cross it, I failed, and so on. I have created Bettas as a hobby since the 1960s, and I dedicate myself to the study of their genetics since the 1970s, as well as in the dissemination of the idea of ​​fixing new jobs, and mainly, preserving and improving existing lineages.

When I started, more than 50 years ago, there was a shortage of a lot: there was no access to many of the live foods that we have available today, only micro worms, infusoria and enchitréas. There was very little interaction between the breeders, and specific literature on the Bettas was scarce.

With the advent of the internet came ease: initially, I joined discussion groups dedicated to Betta, and started my exchange with other creators.

As the specific questions posted in these forums arose, in response to them, I started to produce emails with (really) long texts about aspects of Betta's genetics, in order to clarify the specific doubts that arose.

Some of these emails became articles that were produced by others (with my consent) and published on various specialized Bettas websites.

When I realized that those really long e-mails (with detailed explanations about genetic aspects) were tiring to read, and not all of them read, I thought of taking a course, using several short films each), with a focused focus for the practical side of creation, and that would make it possible for those who watched it, the genetic understanding that could be applied in their greenhouse.

This work is the result of all these hours of dedication to Betta fish. Enjoy! You will certainly learn contents that will allow the correct selection of betta fish matrices aiming at surprising results.

Course Modules - 5,5 hours of content

Structured, didactic course and segmenting the complicated into different parts. You will carry out your study independently.

  • 1

    Basic Concepts on Genetics

    It consists of an introductory class on genetics, its precepts, elements and forms of transmission. Also learn how to use the Punnett Chart, which will be used extensively in this course for calculating probability.

  • 2

    The iridescent color layer

    Introduces the module with workable characteristics in the Bettas phenotype. It presents the theoretical model of color layers in Bettas. Detailed the traits controlled by the iridescent layer and make a detailed discussion about each one.

  • 3

    The black color layer

    A complete approach to traditional melanic traits, with increased melanophores. Also a study on the super blacks, showing the characteristics and peculiarities of each one and their interrelationship. Find out also how the existence of the gene that alters the distribution of chromatophores (the marble gene) and its complications in the search for high genetic standard Bettas behaves in the phenotype.

  • 4

    The red and yellow color layers

    Understand how the extended red and red loss traits and their approximation with the marble trait appear in the phenotype. An unprecedented modeling on non-reds you will study in this module, explaining how colors in the pink, orange, red, pineappple, chocolate and yellows Bettas phenotypes, showing their interrelationships and how to obtain them.

  • 5

    Bettas fins

    Identification, structures, branches, abbreviations and discussions about the betta's fins are covered in this module. Flow format and technical details. Caudal and dorsal peduncles: their importance. Types of fins edges; the ideal relationship in Betta crowntail in terms of aesthetics. The rose tail and feather tail lines, their particularities and aesthetic balance.

  • 6

    Masks in Bettas

    The problem of the current classification of masks in Bettas is accepted among creators. New modeling proposal on the types of masks in Bettas: without mask, partial mask, full mask and their intermediate states; crossing between these and their probabilities of occurrence.

  • 7

    The Giant Bettas

    From the study in 2011 carried out by the author, the characteristics and concepts that should be considered in obtaining giant bettas are presented.

  • 8

    A methodology for assembling a new line of bettas

    All genotypes covered in the course are integrated. The methodology is presented in order to assemble new strains by matrix selection.

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